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Team Tucker Night


More details coming soon, but please Have your Player/Team Join the Dollar Donation Drive, Join us for event day or supporting anyway you can as the Boys HS team leads efforts to involve our community and others!

Team Tucker Night


Dollar Donation Drive

Team Tucker Night on January 27th at the Hopkins Pavilion during the High School Hockey Game

Tucker’s Teammates Dollar Donations:

Between January 3rd and January 22nd, the Hopkins Hockey community is challenging all teams in the Metro Area to join us in a Dollar Donation Drive.  

What is the purpose of Tucker’s Teammates?  

  1. Raise money for kids with cancer. 

  2. Encourage giving and kindness 

  3. HONOR Tucker’s Memory

What is a Dollar Donation Drive? 

It is a SIMPLE thing that WILL make a BIG DIFFERENCE.  

  1. As a team, pick a team volunteer (either adult or child, preferably child) to be the lead. 

  2. Find an envelope or container to bring to every practice or game.  

  3. Each player can individually donate a dollar. 

  4. And/or each player can ask those close to him or her if they would like to donate a dollar to help kids with cancer.  

  5. Bring your dollar or dollars to every practice and game between January 3rd and January 22nd.  

  6. Your team volunteer will collect them in your envelope or container.  

  7. Make arrangements to get the money to Hopkins Hockey players by emailing:
    Jody De St. Hubert

  8. For fun, take a picture of your team with a sign showing the dollar amount that you collected.  The Hopkins community will share this through social media as a way to thank you for your efforts!

  9. Your donations will be given to Tucker’s Teammates on January 27th at the Hopkins High School home game vs St. Louis Park. 

Feel free to adjust the directions above in ways that work best for your team.  The main goal is to encourage others to give a dollar for an important cause that brings other happiness.  We will also have a banner at the January 27th game and recognize the teams that joined us in supporting Tucker’s Teammates the night of the event. 

Not part of a Dollar Donation Drive Team?

Still want to help? 

Click the link below to Donate via
Team Tucker Gofundme